How often does YMY hold events?

Typically, YMY Events are held every 3-4 months.

How do you chose the dates of the events?

We try to align the YMY Event days with High School and College breaks.

Is the event always taking place at the same place?

We try to hold YMY Events at the same place for consistency sake and for convenience for our participants.  Our events usually take place in a public library like the Central Library in Arlington or in high schools like Annandale High and TC Williams.

How does YMY select it's themes?

Themes/agendas are selected based on responses we recieve after we send a survey asking the youth what they would like to be mentored in.

Where can we send our comments/suggestions?

We will be happy to receive your comments/suggestions by email sent to: YMY2012@OUTLOOK.COM

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